Pattern recognition on Medical Images based on Intelligent Systems

Earlier this year I’ve successfully defended my Engineering degree thesis. The making of took me about two years and produced several papers that were published as book chapters or articles.

The thesis was entitled “Pattern recognition on Medical Images based on Intelligent Systems” (in Spanish) and makes an approach to mammography anomalies detection using back-propagation neural network algorithms and other image processing filters like Sobel operator. After comparing the proposed method with former ones I found out that I had achieved 89% of success rates compared to 60% obtained by previous work. I’m still not so happy with the result, I believe a 99% may be achieved very easily.

The produced papers were

In both cases I was unable to travel. In the first one was in Chilecito, Argentina, but I had a schedule issue due to the presentation of the repertory grid paper. The second one was in Tainan, Taiwan but another scheduling issues and the swine flu outbreak made the trip impossible.